Soccer League

4 on 4 Games, Overall Athletic Movement, Fundamental Soccer Skills

Small sided games are games played on smaller fields and with fewer players on the field at one time.

Why is 4 on 4 soccer better for development?

By eliminating extra kids on the field, each player will have more opportunity to be directly involved with the action on the field thus giving each kid more touches.

Why is more touches important? 

1.  More touches = more fun
2.  More touches = faster learning
3.  More touches = better skill development
4.  More touches = improvements in fitness, athleticism, and overall health

What are other Benefits?

If you have ever watched young kids playing soccer then you are familiar with the swarming effect that typically happens around the ball. This is largely because children under the age of 11 do not have great spacial awareness or an understanding of angles and timing.  Thus the swarming effect happens as all players on the field surround the ball in an attempt to get a foot on it.  Typically, this results in nothing more than a ping pong effect and completely random play.

By reducing the number of kids on the field and giving them more space to move, we are able to introduce concepts of angles, timing, player movement, and spacing while at the same time allowing skill development and overall understanding to increase faster.

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